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Stress is unavoidable in life. Various circumstances can trigger a person’s stress levels, such as their job, studies, or other personal responsibilities. However, when stress becomes chronic or hardly manageable, it will begin to adversely affect your mental health and your overall wellbeing. You might experience frequent headaches, nightmares, changes in appetite, chronic anxiety, and so on. 

Thus, it is important to know how to relieve stress and keep your mind and body calm. Fortunately, there are plenty of effective stress relievers out there which you can try to practise and find helpful. Keep in mind that some options may be effective for others but may not work for you, so make sure to pick a stress-reliever that fits your circumstances and preferences.  

For your guide, here are some stress-relieving activities you can do at home any time, in case your stress levels begin to feel overwhelming. 

1. Massage Yourself 

Many people only think of booking a spa appointment at a spa clinic to pamper themselves and relieve stress. But sometimes, booking and travelling to a spa clinic can be a tedious and costly option, especially for people who rarely have time for themselves. So, how to relieve stress without going through a long process? You can always opt to massage yourself using handheld massagers.  

The best thing about self-massaging is that you can do it for as long as you want until you finally feel relaxed, stress-free and the tensions in your muscles have dissipated. A self-massage can also make you aware of which parts of your body are the most tensed and would need constant massaging. To make the task easier, use handheld massagers like massage guns and stroke those hard-to-reach areas like your back or back shoulders.  

2. Do A Quick Physical Activity 

One symptom of overwhelming stress is when your heart’s beating faster than usual, and you’re feeling jittery every second. To relieve this, a quick burst of movement might do the trick. It’s up to you if you’d like to run in place for half a minute, do ten sit-ups, or do a set of 15 jumping jacks. 

These quick exercises will automatically elevate your heart rate and activate your serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, all of which could help relieve stress and improve your mood.  

3. Dance Freely  

If you’re not into jumping jacks and sit-ups, you can always opt to dance. Since you’re at home, then you have the space and freedom to dance to your heart’s content without worrying about anyone watching. 

Dancing is a commendable physical exercise that will keep your mind engaged, uplift your moods, and relieve stress. So, play your favourite dance music and dance whatever feels right to you.   

4. Take A Warm Bath 

If you’re wondering why some people include taking a warm bath in their nighttime routine, it’s because it helps them loosen up and relieve stress before going to bed. But the thing is, you can take a warm bath any time you feel like it, especially if you’re currently stressed. 

So, enjoy a warm bath at home and let the warmth slow down your senses and get rid of stress. Enhance the experience by playing soothing music in the background, adding a fragrant bubble soap, or lighting a scented candle for aroma.  

5. Meditate And Embrace Solitude 

Everyone knows how meditation is an effective stress-relieving activity. So, if you haven’t tried it before, perhaps now is the best time to start practising it for the sake of your wellbeing. For starters, you can watch online tutorials or read blogs about properly executing it. If it’s still too complicated for you, you can start doing deep breathing exercises instead and practise focusing on your breathing.  

6. Try Knitting 

If you love crafting, you might also want to try knitting. Knitting is known to be meditative, calming, and an effective stress-reliever. It keeps your mind preoccupied and focused on the needle’s movement, making it easier to forget about anything that’s making you stressed in the first place. So, sign up for some online knitting classes or watch tutorial videos online to get started.  

7. Have Sex 

According to research, having sex is an effective way to relieve stress and boost mood. However, if you don’t have a partner to do it with, you can always do it alone. Solo sex or masturbation also helps release bodily tensions and boost your dopamine and endorphins once you achieve an orgasm.  

8. Do A Cleaning Spree 

Another way to keep your mind and hands preoccupied and relieve stress is by doing a cleaning spree. Instead of letting stress eat away your mood and energy, use it to give your home a good cleaning. Of course, don’t forget to clean up neglected corners, counters, and shelves. You can also tackle an area that would require great focus, such as the basement or the attic. 

If cleaning sounds too tiring or stressful for you, you can settle on easy or quick chores like washing the dishes or rearranging your living room. Cleaning won’t only reduce stress, but it’s also an excellent physical activity that will surely lift your mood after seeing the final results.  

9. Bake Your Favourite Goodies 

Baking is a type of activity that requires concentration, mindfulness, and planning—all of which stimulate your brain to produce endorphins and put you in a better mood. So, take some time to utilize your baking skills and forget about the stress at work. You can make it more fun by letting your kids join you in the kitchen.  

10. Do Some Stretching 

You don’t need to be a physically flexible person or get a yoga mat to do some stretching and relieve stress. You can always stretch from your bed, sofa and just let your body loosen up and release tension. After a long and good stretch, you’ll automatically feel lighter and relieved.  

11. Get Lost In A Good Story 

Some people find it hard to focus on a book when they’re stressed, even if that book has an amazing storyline. As an alternative, you can listen to a story podcast or watch a TV series or movie that you like. Watching or listening to good stories will distract you and keep your mind from stress.  

12. Draw And Doodle 

Don’t worry, as this option won’t require you to be a professional artist. If you can’t think of any idea to draw or doodle, get yourself an adult colouring book instead. This will keep stress out of your head and lift your mood.  

Thoughts To Remember 

As mentioned, not all strategies may work for you, so it’s best to take some time and patience in experimenting with different stress-relieving activities and find which one works for you. Once you find one or more strategies that help relieve your stress at home, make sure to practise them often to keep your stress at a manageable level.  

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Gretchen Jim is a meditation specialist. She conducts meditation lessons. She also writes blog posts and guest posts. Gretchen enjoys travelling with her family and friends.

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