Can you exercise after sclerotherapy?

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Sclerotherapy is a treatment often performed for aesthetic reasons but also to prevent complications that could appear in people with varicose veins such as ulcers and inflammation.

People who are having this procedure have all kinds of questions and one of them may be: “Can I exercise after sclerotherapy?”

In this article, we look at the recommendations from the doctors and what they say about exercise and sclerotherapy and when it’s a good idea to go back into your fitness routine.

Just to note, these are only guidelines, for proper information on this subject consult a professional such as a doctor.

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy successfully and safely treats varicose veins and spider veins. It is a relatively simple procedure that usually takes about 45 minutes to complete under local anaesthesia or light sedation. The treatment can be done in a doctor’s office and afterwards, it’s recommended you rest and relax at home.

Sclerotherapy consists of injecting a chemical substance into the vein by means of a special needle. This substance gives it a shape similar to cauliflower and with time the vein slowly fades and then it disappears.

It could take 3-6 weeks for small veins to disappear while larger veins will need more time, about 3 months or in some cases, another treatment may be needed to completely get rid of these veins.

The benefits of having this procedure are that it is both effective and non-invasive, so there are no visible scars afterwards. It can also be done on an outpatient basis.

Can I exercise after sclerotherapy?

Exercising straight after the sclerotherapy procedure is not recommended. Instead, you should follow your doctor’s advice on what you can and cannot do afterwards. However, not all doctors will give you the same advice and some may allow you to exercise sooner rather than later.

Typically, though, on the first day, doctors recommend that you should get up and walk to get back into your routine quickly. This also helps prevent blood clots. You should also wear compression stockings continuously at least for 48 hours after treatment to improve the results.

You shouldn’t perform any strenuous activities in the first few days after sclerotherapy and you should avoid overexertion. Any activity that raises your heart rate significantly is not recommended.

You need to consult your doctor to understand when you can start doing vigorous exercises again. Every person is different so this will not be the same for everybody. Although some professionals recommend you should avoid exercise for at least two weeks, this will really depend on your personal circumstances.

Can I lift weights after sclerotherapy?

During the first few days following treatment, it is best to limit your movements and do less physical activity than usual. You should also avoid lifting weights and strenuous exercises.

if your job requires heavy physical labour, you should be able to go back to work after about four days but you need to check with your doctor first.

Can you walk after sclerotherapy?

Yes, you can walk on the day of the procedure. It’s actually recommended to move to prevent the formation of blood clots. 

However, expect some bruising – this is normal and usually goes away after fifteen days or so. This should not stop you from walking. But do not overexert yourself. Avoid power walking in the first few weeks after the procedure.

Can I do yoga after sclerotherapy?

Yes, you can do yoga after sclerotherapy although not straight away. It is recommended that you wait for at least a week before you start with your regular yoga sessions. 

Yoga may be dangerous for people who suffer from high blood pressure so it is best to consult a doctor before resuming this type of exercise.

How long after sclerotherapy can I exercise?

If you want to know how soon after sclerotherapy you can start exercising, there are no specific guidelines but in general, you should avoid all strenuous exercises such as running and heavy lifting for at least 2 weeks.

The only exercise that you can start with quite quickly is walking. That’s because walking will help prevent blood clots and it can even reduce any pains you may be experiencing after the procedure.

If you intend to resume your usual fitness routine at the gym, it will be necessary that your doctor gives you permission first. This is because the doctor must determine the best time to allow your veins to heal properly without exposing them to unnecessary pressure or stress.

It takes between four and six months for sclerotherapy scars to heal completely, however, this is only a guideline and many factors can impact the healing process, so make sure to have check-ups with your doctor to check the progress after which you can begin a new fitness routine. If you had more than one area treated with sclerotherapy, it may take longer for you to resume your normal activities.

Strenuous exercise can lead to blood clots or more problems that require additional treatment.  For this reason, it is best to wait until your doctor gives you the green light before resuming these activities.


Sclerotherapy is a relatively invasive procedure, with the main risk of pain during the first few days. The problem is that it can hinder physical activity for up to six months after the injection has taken place. We recommend consulting your doctor before performing any strenuous activities. Be brave and do not give up!

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