Can I exercise before botox?

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Due to many complications and botched results related to cosmetic injectables, if you’ve been thinking of getting BOTOX, you might have wondered about the precaution tips and recommendations.

Exercise before botox is usually what bothers potential patients, so we’re here to scrutinize all there is to know about the BOTOX pre-care and how long before the treatment should you restrain from a full-on workout.

A little bit about BOTOX

Botulinum neurotoxin type A, popularly known as simply BOTOX is just one member of the botulinum neurotoxin family.

Inhibiting neurotransmitter release, botulinum neurotoxin essentially works by blocking the brain signal for muscle contraction, which in the right dosage causes paralysis and death.

Controlled amounts of this toxin, on the other hand, have found their use not only for smoothing wrinkles but also for an array of issues like treating profuse sweating, uncontrolled salivation, urinary incontinence, relaxing eye muscles, and even for gastrointestinal problems.

Since muscle paralysis is temporary, botox treatments need to be repeated regularly for long-term results.

Is it safe to exercise before botox?

There are no side effects or warnings related to exercising before getting botox. Most practitioners warn patients about the botox aftermath and how sweating and blood pressure can contribute to bruising, swelling, redness, pain at the sight of the injection, etc.

Exercising elevates your heart rate, pumping your blood vessels, thinning the blood, causing more sweating and enlarging pores. Since it takes some time for the neurotoxin to work, these physiological changes right after the procedure may “move” the botox around and destroy the results, so it’s recommended not to exercise at least 24 hours after getting your botox injections.

This is also why most aestheticians strictly forbid taking medications and foods that may cause blood thinning before the procedure, such as aspirin, ibuprofen,  vitamin E,  and some herbal remedies (ginseng, ginkgo), even garlic.

While you can go about your regular workout before your injections, it’s probably best not to hit the gym right before the appointment.

Exercise is a healthy, natural blood thinner, even light exercise enhances blood plasma and changes its viscosity.

Therefore, engaging in vigorous physical activity before botox may have a similar (if not the same) effect as ingestible blood thinners.

Can I run before botox?

As long as you don’t sit on the cosmetic chair right off the treadmill, you’re good to go. Your body should be calm and you should have normal blood pressure.

To avoid ugly bruising and injection pain, make sure your heart rate stays calm, your body temperature normal and under control.

This means not going on long sprints and exhausting run the morning of your botox appointment.

Avid runners may want to plan their workouts around botox appointments so as to leave some time to cool down before the treatment and by no means run at least a day AFTER.

If you just can’t miss your morning jog, make arrangements with your aesthetician to get the injections at least in the late afternoon.

Can I swim before botox?

Just like other types of physical activity, swimming can have the same effect on your physiology as the other mentioned workouts.

Another thing to consider when swimming before botox is to keep the designated skin dry and smooth before the procedure.

Wearing swim goggles can apply pressure around the eye area and create temporary wrinkles and redness. If you’re looking to get rid of crowfeet or treat under-eye bags, avoid wearing goggles or any type of eyewear that can stretch or indent the skin right before your botox injections.

When can I exercise before botox?

Technically, there’s no determined time or recommendation about when you should exercise before botox. Since blood thinning can be the bruising culprit, it’s advisable to monitor your blood pressure so it stays unchanged for at least 2-3 hours before the procedure.

Therefore, make sure to give your body time to cool down, slow down the heart rate, and finish the sweating process.

Exercising right before botox may potentially increase the risk of post-procedure side effects.

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