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I know, I know, as a queer woman, I am VERY late to the L Word party. I never saw it growing up, and it took me two years to watch the reboot (The L Word: Generation Q, or Gen Q). But now that I’ve finally watched it, I have a lot of thoughts.

Is this show good? I mean, it depends on your definition of good. The acting ranges from stiff to overly dramatic. The plot and timeline don’t make sense. Characters are one-dimensional and often act irrationally and illogically. So I guess technically, the show is bad. That being said, you should watch it.

Because even though this show isn’t “technically” good, I enjoyed it. Firstly, representation matters: it’s exciting to see queer representation (and realistic lesbian sex) on tv. Many of the queer characters are played by queer actors, and the trans characters are all played by trans actors. And despite the general ridiculousness of everything, there are redeeming moments. A few of the characters are great communicators and do a great job of modeling healthy communication. I also love that the core of the L Word is strong and loving female friendships. The show also tackles real issues like queer parenthood, chosen family, sexism and homophobia, and substance use.

For all of the serious moments, the show is generally silly and light, it’s the perfect thing to have on in the background, or if your brain can’t handle a cerebral or intense show. The show is also incredibly sexy (remember the earlier mention of realistic lesbian sex?). Gen Q is approximately 50% scenes of hot people having hot sex; the show is basically soft-core porn. So while I wouldn’t recommend watching this show for the plot, I would 100% recommend watching this show with a partner, because sometimes, watching sexy tv can be a huge turn on

So grab your partner, a generous friend’s Showtime password, and enjoy!
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